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ADC, Berlin Music Video Awards, Boys Noize Records, European Film Awards, Four Music, KIA, NIKE, Peugeot, Quant, Vodaphone, ZDF
Hello. I'm a freelance motion designer and art director based in Berlin. My prefered tools are After Effects and Cinema 4D. But i feel comfortable working with the whole Adobe Suite and i love to play around with other tools like Realflow or Processing. I usually work on pure motion design projects which can include everything from styleframes & concept over project planning to delivery. Check out my reel and other work to see what my stuff looks like. Thanks for stepping by!

Here is some related work of my Friends you definitely should check out: Hirn Faust Auge, Kai von Glasow, Ted & Flo, Ian Ritterskamp
Kopfstrasse 48
12053 Berlin

Germany: +49 151 2075 2865
Canada: +1 (514) 4416 348

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